The Madhyamaka is regarded as a reaction against the development of the Abhidhamma. In the abhidhamma, the understanding of anatman is developed by analysing phenomena into single dhammas, "each with an inherent 'own-nature'". By doing so, the Abhidhamma analysis constituted independent existing 'things', contrary to the Buddha's teachings on the middle way.
The Madhyamaka school is not part of Mahayana eventhough Mahayana originated from it.

Buddha Dhamma = Objects or ways of nature that prefered to be talked by Gotama Buddha = Tipitaka can be seen as atom that consist of Vinaya, Sutta, and "abhidhamma". Nuclear is energy that powered by nuclear reactor.
Vipassana can be seen as Nuclear Fission, where we split the dhamma.
Samatha can be seen as Nuclear Fusion, where we blend the Dhamma.
Patthana that consist of kammatthana and satipatthana can be seen as Nuclear Reactor, where we seal the nuclear energy.
Abhinna can be seen as Nuclear Weapon.

Ming Sect is the modern form of Madyamaka (that positioned betwen Theravada and Mahayana), White Lotus Buddhism is the modern form of Ming Sect. And today, Nuclear Dhamma is the modern form of White Lotus Buddhism. Welcome all and please use this group to share Dhamma from any school.

The threefold training for nuclear monks:
1. Adhisila-sikkha: Restrained with regard to the monk's rules.
2. Adhicitta-sikkha: Detached from sensuous objects, entering first jhana, second jhana, third jhana, fourth jhana.
3. Adhipanna-sikkha: Understands the suffering, the origination, the cessation, and the religion that being used for it__which is Noble Eightfold Path.

Nuclear Tipitaka:
1. Vinaya Pitaka.
2. Sutta Pitaka.
3. Sikkha Pitaka.

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